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About company

Chrompik is a chromium ore products plant in Russia specializing in the production of chemical chromium compounds. The company has more than 100-year history.

Chrompik products are widely used in metallurgy, machine building and surface treatment, paint and varnish industry, industrial organic synthesis, wood processing, textile and leather industry, oil production, production of household chemicals and in glass production.

A significant part of products is exported to more than 30 countries, and the geography of supplies covers the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Throughout Chrompik's history, its products have been known for their high and consistent quality. The manufacturer values the consumers' confidence and tries to improve its image and competitiveness in Russian and international markets.

Particular attention is paid to industrial safety, labor and environmental protection. Chrompik continuously invests in environmental and social projects, as well as in employee`s development and applies the best global practices of health and safety.

Since 2023 the plant is a part of Polyplast Group of Companies - a unique vertically-integrated holding specializing in the production of knowledge-intensive own chemical products for various industries with the continuous implementation of large-scale investment program at all enterprises of the Group.

In the near future the Chrompik plans to modernize its production facilities.

The plant has formed an environmental strategy aimed at improving the ecology of water bodies in the Pervouralsk region. On the basis of the waste and drainage water treatment station, an environmental complex was put into operation in 2021, which is equipped with innovative purification equipment - decanter centrifuges. They make it possible to simultaneously take care of ecological safety of the current production, to liquidate the accumulated waste of the past decades and to develop zero-waste production.

The plant's 100 years of accumulated production experience and the development concept will ensure the company's long-term economic growth, social stability, contribute to prosperity and progress, and meet the international level of product quality standards and ecological requirements.